Multi Dimensional Sustainabiity Programme Is a 2022 Success Story For the 52 SUPER SERIES, Now For 2023!

As it has been since virtually the beginning of the circuit, sustainability was a central pillar of the 2022 season on the 52 SUPER SERIES which collaborated for the first time with multi-sport NGO Kick Out Plastic. The new Spanish based initiative brings together leading exponents from many different sports to speak out with one unified voice as we seek to halt the climate emergency.  

The tie in with Kick Out Plastic engaged a wider audience, creating an awareness of the threats to our marine ecosystems both locally – around the racing venues that the circuit visits in the Mediterranean and on the Atlantic Coast – and internationally as the wider threat to the world’s oceans are highlighted.  

At each of 2022’s five venues, the 52 SUPER SERIES sought to work with or publicise keynote local initiatives. As just one example in beautiful Baiona at the first regatta the circuit highlighted a project where the local fishing community work to remove debris from fishing nets, most typically plastics and metals, which are repurposed. This association, named ATALAIA Redeiras do Baixo Miño, has a leading and positive role among the nautical industry in the Galician province, an initiative which when publicised through the 52 SUPER SERIES media channels inspires others around the world. Bear in mind the 52 SUPER SERIES social media channels achieved over 3.2m impressions during 2022.  

And once more, highlighting its diversified approach to sustainability the 52 SUPER SERIES redistributed fresh, unused leftover food each day from both Puerto Portals and Barcelona, contributing to feeding nearly 500 individuals in need over the course of the two regattas.  

This simple initiative gains more traction each year and should be followed by other big participation sailing events where individuals or teams might normally bin or compost their unused food.  

Regular information and education seminars for young sailors and watersports users at each venue continue to be popular with the youngsters who share their learnings about making environmentally responsible choices at home and with their friends. That they have a chance to see the grand prix racing TP52s up close and personal and meet team members also inspires them to get the most from their sports. 

The Bluewater filtration system on site at each regatta is hugely popular and used by all sailing teams, organisers and local operatives for their daily drinking water requirements. Over the 2022 season this amounted to over 16,600 litres of water. Now everyone utilises re-usable bottles this also removes a potential need for over 30,000 plastic bottles.  

Beach clean ups and a strict recycling policy means the 52 SUPER SERIES always leaves venues and towns in a cleaner state, better informed and more motivated for the future. A positive, lasting legacy is always what the 52 SUPER SERIES seeks to leave behind.  

As long time advocates for sustainable sailing events and leaders by example, in Cascais, Portugal the 52 SUPER SERIES became the first major sailing series to be recognised by Sailors for the Sea as running to their Platinum Level Clean Regatta standard.  

And for the first time this season the circuit trialled remote controlled GPS positioned marks which reduce the need for a RIB boat to service and position the turning and start and finish marks – saving on burning fuel – and also removing some of the need for anchors disturbing the seabed ecosystem.  

“We are proud of what we have achieved over the course of 2022. The messages we deliver highlight the need for individual actions and shared initiatives and we take our responsibility seriously. From within the 52 SUPER SERIES we have a great group of sustainability ambassadors representing each team. They are highly motivated and we look forwards to a 2023 season which should see great competition on the water and consistent, pragmatic solutions delivered wherever we go racing.”

said Lars Bocking Sustainability Officer for the circuit.  

2022 Sustainability Report