18th of March, 2019

Practice In Pursuit of Perfect

For nine 52 SUPER SERIES teams, more than a week of valuable training came to a useful conclusion in Valencia with two days of informal practice racing last Monday and Tuesday.

The final analysis suggests the fleet is even more closely matched than ever.


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“Before you were working for a few metres here and there on the race course, now it is down to much less than that and everyone is now looking at the smallest details in every possible area. If someone else is doing something looking for that tiny gain, we all need to be looking to do the same. You could call this the FOMO practice session, driven by Fear Of Missing Out.” Alegre’s trimmer Andy Hemmings smiled.

The consensus on the dock was that every team shone at some stage, most had a time in the sun and nearer the back of the fleet. Harm Müller-Spreer’s Platoon – with Jules Salter in as navigator now – showed good all-round pace across the light-to-medium early-Spring conditions. Tony Langley’s Gladiator, which has Andy Beadsworth steering, led off the pin end of the line to win the first race on Monday. Platoon won three further races.

Platoon’s Victor Mariño commented:

“The conditions in Valencia were perfect for nine boats which were all at a very high good level and which have all taken advantage of the winter to make the modifications and to be very ready for the season.

We tested in all conditions from little wind to medium and strong winds and so it was very productive training, a great reminder the season is coming and that is why I think that all the teams left from Valencia satisfied.

On Platoon we are very happy. We have tried everything we have that is new. We have seen that we do have a more versatile boat than last year. We believe we can be a strong team if we continue apace with this evolution. We are in good shape to start the season strong. We hope to continue improving and analysing the data we have obtained this week to have a 100% competitive boat in Mahón.”

Cover Photo: © Keith Brash / Quantum Racing

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