All about Key West Race Week

18th of January, 2017

Race 7 – Allez Les Bleus

While the breeze continued to lighten, the race committee decided there was enough left to run a third race, especially with a less-than-stellar forecast for Day 4. As the boats… read more

18th of January, 2017

Race 6 – Interlodge Strikes Again

When you’re good, you’re good. Interlodge helmsman Ian Walker and tactician Andy Horton wasted no time in getting the second win for their new boat. For the first time in… read more

17th of January, 2017

Race 4 – Quantum Win, and Climb the Pack

After one general recall, Race 4 officially got underway in much the same conditions as the previous three, 15-to-20 knots from the east-southeast with short choppy seas and brilliant sunshine.… read more