16th of August, 2016 | VIDEO

Sustainability Video: Keeping our Oceans Clean

Since 2015, the 52 SUPER SERIES has been working closely with 11th Hour Racing, a program of The Schmidt Family Foundation, to integrate practices and processes that minimise the environmental impact of the racing circuit.

Ed Baird and Catherine Zennström talk about how small steps are catalysing fundamental behaviour change amongst the 400-person fleet.

Catherine Zennström, owner of Rán Racing couldn’t put it any better:

We are at the forefront of sustainability, and we are living with the oceans, we are living with the seas. We are working with them, this is why we are here. Making a big effort to respect the environment and respect nature is definitely part of our jobs.”

Captured here in this video about sustainability, we touch upon a few of the “green initiatives” employed by the Series’ Sustainability Team.

Ed Baird, strategist onboard Quantum Racing states:

This is more than just a message, its a change in lifestyle.”

Talking about how far the 52 SUPER SERIES has come, Baird continues:

Even just a year ago, the stacks of plastic bottles that were coming down to go out onto the water every day were enormous… and now – there is virtually none.”

The 52 SUPER SERIES is committed to the sustainable cause of keeping our oceans clean. To read more about how the Series is working with 11th Hour Racing, click here.

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