Bronenosec Gazprom

Owner: Vladimir Liubomirov
Sail Number: RUS 5252
Bownumber: 08
Yacht Club: St Petersburg Yacht Club
Design: Botin Partners (2015)
Builder: King Marine


Bronenosec were newcomers to the circuit in 2015 but made a very impressive debut, winning many races and from the very outset proving themselves to be serious contenders as well organised and resourced team. They continued to compete well in the middle order group but at the same time always threatened to pull off a regatta win. In 2018 they will do only a few regattas on a chartered TP52.

Vladimir Liubomirov’s Bronenosec team has a strong Italian-Russian mix enjoying a truly cosmopolitan team line up.

The crew placed fifth overall in 2017 with a strong finish in Menorca and a welcome second place in Porto Cervo. They proved their potential many times but just seemed unable to break into the top group and stay there. For Sardinia, veteran Tommaso Chieffi came in to work with Morgan Larson as strategist; in Portals, America’s Cup winner Ray Davies stepped onboard; and in Menorca, Francesco Bruni sailed in the afterguard. But all in all, their season was a little too up and down to finish better than fifth.

Bronenosec Gazprom